Academia: The ORUK Research Fund


The theme for ORUK Research Fund: “Rehabilitation solutions for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions with a preference towards technology-driven solutions benefiting patients, having had or likely to require joint replacement surgery”


Why this theme?

Impaired MSK health is responsible for the greatest loss of productive life in the workforce compared with other non-communicable diseases, commonly resulting in early retirement and reduced financial security. According to the data generated by the Office for National Statistics, MSK disorders account for 8 million working days lost per year. Many elderly experience multi-morbidity and long-term conditions; this increases with age and is often more common among those in lower socioeconomic groups. As a result, there are still many issues to be resolved and a considerable amount of research is needed in order to build our understanding of MSK conditions so that we can improve outcomes for patients.


All Proposals must be submitted from UK based research institutions.

Grants will vary in size and duration (maximum £50K per annum). This is dependent on the nature of the research carried out.

The applicants must share ORUK’s Standard Academic Agreement with their respective University’s Research Contracts Department and Technology Transfer Office to approve and agree with our terms and conditions before full proposal submissions. We reserve the right to reject applications that do not adhere to this process.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

28 January 2019

The guidelines and all relevant documents will go live

1 February 2019

EOI Academic applications open

28 February 2019

EOI Academic applications close

15 March 2019

Successful EOIs announced

8 April 2019

Full application submission

8 April - 20 May 2019

External peer review

1 July 2019

Scientific Advisory Committee meeting


Final Decision by the Board of Trustees

Academia: The ORUK Research Fund