Start-ups: The Ronald Furlong Fund

Promising start-ups are led by passionate and driven individuals with ideas that can potentially change their field and help many in the process.

At Orthopaedic Research UK, we recognise the value of such qualities. Our founder, Mr Ronald Furlong had these qualities. He saw a dire need in his field and set to overcome the barriers of the day in order to make lives better for patients.

To follow in his steps and in the spirit of innovation, The Ronald Furlong Fund has been set up to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to solve the unmet needs for patients with painful and debilitating bone and joint conditions.

If you are a start-up and believe that you have it in you to change patients’ lives for the better, please read on.


The theme of Research: “Rehabilitation solutions for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions with a preference towards technology-driven solutions benefiting patients, having had or likely to require joint replacement surgery”  – The applications that adhere to this theme will be prioritised, however, all MSK related proposals are welcome.


To select the best and most innovative candidates, we are collaborating with the healthcare accelerator, HS.

HS. takes 4% equity and charges a 10% programme fee in exchange for up to 100k investment from ORUK. Upon receiving the approval from the Scientific Advisory Committee, ORUK’s Investment Committee makes its recommendation to the Board of Trustees with regards to the level of equity the charity should take from each start-up. This will differ for each company and will be within a reasonable limit.

If you have any further queries, please contact us.


Key dates

28 January 2019

Guidelines and all the relevant documents will go live

1 February 2019

Opening date for submission of EOI

28 February 2019

Closing date for submission of EOI

15 March 2019

Decisions on EOIs

17 May 2019

HS. Incubator decisions announced

17 June 2019

Full application submissions

1 July 2019

Scientific Advisory Committee meeting


Final Decisions

Start-ups: The Ronald Furlong Fund